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Pipe Relining

Blueline Pipe Relining?

The Blueline Solution – Repairing Your Pipes With Our No-Dig Process

Plumbing has come along way. Today the latest technologies in pipe-camera investigations, high-pressure jet cleaning and epoxy-resin structure reformation mean that we can find and solve any problem with your sewerage, stormwater, pipes or drainage system.

Blueline technology, has been specially formatted to be the world’s most versatile lining system. Concrete, roads or flooring propose no challenge to this mighty feat of plumbing, capable of rendering pipes from 40 to 1000mm better than new.

Often considered the key-hole surgery of plumbing, once Blueline’s epoxy resin has dried your pipes are good to go with their structural integrity 100% restored. Blueline’s fabrication is impenetrable, meaning your plumbing is good for the long run.


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Redline Pipe Relining?

The Redline Solution – Safe and Convenient Restructuring of Your Pipes

Our Redline solution for broken or cracked pipes is ideal for all residential, commercial and industrial piping. Redline differs from it’s Blueline cousin in one key way, it’s 100% safe for drinking-water pipes making it suitable for all water, air, gas and lines, amongst others.

Redline pipe relining can fix pipes between 12mm to 300mm in diameter and has been designed so as the installation process causes minimal disruption to home or business operations.

You will never have to worry about pipe corrosion, poor pressure or pinhole leaks again as the Redline process is so strong and water, gas or air leaks are completely eliminated. The Redline internal pipe coating also prevents your water from being contaminated from lead, asbestos and metal seepage.

Redline has been effectively used in a wide range of applications including hospitals, high-rise apartments, fire -suppression systems and many homes across Sydney.

Pipe Relining


Commercial Pipe Relining

Commercial pipe relining has been one of the biggest developments in trenchless pipe relining technology over the past 30 years. With access to the latest technology, GF James Plumbing Services can offer a variety of pipe relining options for any commercial situation without customer inconvenience or excavation.

Our relining technology can rehabilitate commercial sewer, drainage and fire services made in any material including concrete, earthenware, PVC, stainless steel, cast iron, HDPE, mild steel and most other materials. Both our Blueline and Redline procedures have the ability to be used on large scale rehabilitation projects.

No Pipe Relining Job Is Too Big or Too Small For Us.


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