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Gas Leaks

 Gas leak detection services

Our plumbers are licensed gas-fitters meaning we’re able to spot a gas leak in your property and fix it on site. Gas leaks can go undetected for years costing unassuming homeowners in exacerbated gas bills and placing you and those around you at risk. With a combination of experience and technology we’re able to detect gas leaks without having to resort to damaging your property, leaving your home and appliances in tip-top order. If you suspect there is a gas leak at your home call us now on 02 9649 1099 or use the online booking form to get $25 off your call out fee.

We use pipe relining technology to protect your pipes from gas and water leaks. You can head over to our pipe relining page to find out more.


Where do gas leaks occur in the home?

Household gas leaks can occur where any home appliance is attached to a natural gas supply.

This includes:

Gas Meter 

Gas Stove and Oven 

Hot Water Heaters 

Gas Heating 

Gas BBQ 


What to do if you suspect there is a gas leak?

If you smell gas in your home or building follow these four steps:

1. Turn off all appliances and pilot lights

2. Turn off the gas supply at the gas meter

3. Open all doors and windows to ventilate the building

4. Contact a licensed gas fitter to repair the leak and turn back on all appliances.