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Blocked Drains In Sydney

Is Your Shower, Kitchen, Or Toilet Blocked?

Blocked drains are a burden no Sydney resident wants to endure. Blocked drains can be unpleasant, unduly expensive, and unsanitary. Deal with them now in a clean, cost-effective, and simple fashion when you call GF James Plumbing.

We’re available for all commercial and domestic blocked drains jobs with our “no dig, no destruction” policy seeing many a happy homeowner avoid costly excavations and longwinded repairs.

We fix blocked drains efficiently and with minimal necessary cost. We don’t want to dig up your backyard any more than you want us loitering around the joint; with our four-point system for fixing blocked drains we’ll be in and out like a flush!


Why Pay for Overpriced Plumbing Services?

Turn to G.F. James Plumbing, where the staff are highly-trained, always fully qualified. We are determined to give you Sydney’s fairest and best plumbing services.

G.F. James Plumbing is at the forefront of modern plumbing. Our advanced plumbing technology means we’re able to do jobs that many other Sydney plumbers can’t.

We use all the fabulous new plumbing technologies, like CCTV cameras, and the latest in jet blasting. Our ‘no dig, no destruction’ pipe relining services are all designed to give you the results you need in the time frame you want.

Advancements in plumbing see the jobs done faster without the need for costly excavations saving you time, money, and hassle.


Competitive Pricing with No Hidden Costs.

Expect a great price and strictly best ethical practice from us. We disclose all fees upfront, with no “surprises” in added costs and charges.

We unblock your drains using the latest technology:


Electric Eel

Sanny Snake

Cold Water Jet Blasting

Hot Water Jet Blasting


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Call G.F. James today on 02 4704 0117 or contact us online if you have a blocked drain for Sydney’s best plumbing services. We’ll be right over!.

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