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Gas Services

Gas installations, fittings and repairs can be potentially dangerous jobs, which is why it’s important that they are always carried out by professionally licensed gasfitters.

GF James has over 31 years of experience servicing the Sydney metropolitan area, which includes North Sydney, Sydney CBD, the Inner West and Eastern suburbs. We can fit new gas units or perform repair and maintenance work to existing gas units as necessary, in a manner that is cost-efficient and not intrusive, so that you can keep operating your business as normal.

With GF James, our Sydney-based plumbers and gasfitters can help you with the following services:

  • Gas installations: we can install and commission a new gas line, or simply extend your existing one. In addition to installation, this service includes repairs and maintenance for all your gas connections and appliances
  • Connection inspection and service: we can inspect and service your gas lines, outlets and appliances for safety and efficiency.
  • Bayonet and stove installations: we can install and repair gas stoves, gas ovens and gas cooktops of all makes and models, as well as helping you with maintenance and repairs of your gas appliances.
  • Gas hot water systems: enjoy the luxury of instant hot water when GF James installs a continuous flow gas water heater.
  • Gas leaks: if you believe you have a gas leak, the plumbers at GF James have the equipment to identify and locate a leak, ensuring the safety of your staff and customers
  • Line renewals: removal of old galvanised pipes and installation with new copper piping

Our plumbers and gasfitters are highly skilled professionals who can guarantee that your job will be completed according to schedule. With our experience and our long established reputation for quality service, GF James Plumbing is the best plumbing service in Sydney for reliable plumbing services, gas installations and gasfitting throughout the Sydney metropolitan area. Our service areas include the North Shore, Sydney CBD, the Inner West and Eastern Suburbs.

At GF James, we have an emphasis on delivering high-quality commercial plumbing services that are both practical and efficient, translating to savings for you and allowing you to continue your daily operations with minimal disruptions. Our commercial plumbers understand that the requirements of each building and business will vary from one another, which is why we go to great lengths to understand your specific needs before we begin our service.

When you call upon GF James for your gas service needs, be comforted in the fact that our practice has over 31 years of experience in gas fitting. Our gas fitters do it right the first time, every time, saving you from undue hassles later on down the track. Don’t risk your health, the health of your colleagues, and the company dollar by going with an inexperienced plumber or gas fitter – go with GF James.

Because you can’t plan when your gas system is going to fail on you, we also provide an emergency service, where a dedicated, accredited gas fitter can make themselves available to your aid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Save time and money and have a technician from GF James plumbing services install or repair and LPG or Natural gas service for your home or work.