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Go Green with Solar Hot Water

These days, everyone is looking for ways to save money and the environment by going green, and solar water heating systems are a great way to do so. Whereas solar electric systems use the sun’s energy to generate power for your light and appliances, solar water heating systems use the sun’s energy to deliver you […]

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Solar Hot Water
January 30, 2018 By -

So You Want to Be a Plumber?

Does the touch of porcelain on your skin send electricity up your spine? Do you find the smell of waste more bearable than your peers? Are neither of those things true but you want a promising career with good pay in an industry that isn’t yet employing more robots than humans? Then plumbing might be […]

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So You Want to Be a Plumber
January 25, 2018 By -

Our Guide to Commercial Plumbing

Commercial plumbing is significantly more complicated than its domestic counterpart. Commercial plumbers specialise in the installation and maintenance of extensive waste removal and water supply systems for a wide range of businesses and commercial housing complexes. This work for a commercial plumbing group may include the installation and maintenance of metal roofing and guttering, trade […]

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Commercial Plumbing
January 20, 2018 By -

Toilet Madness: What’s Going On?

Toilets are essential to your daily life for obvious reasons but that doesn’t mean we want to think about them. Unfortunately, sometimes your toilet malfunctions and forces you to pay conscious attention to it. We’ve put together this guide to the 6 most common toilet problems so you can identify the problem quickly, get it […]

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Toilet Problems and Fixes
January 15, 2018 By -

How to Get Your Bathroom Clean

Your bathroom is both hard-working and prone to being very unpleasant if not cleaned well and regularly. We’ve put together these tips to help you clean your sinks, tubs, toilets and shower. Don’t Get Sunk Cleaning Your Sinks Your sink goes through a lot every day, from dirt, grime, bacteria and hair to toothpaste dribbles, […]

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How to Clean Your Bathroom
January 11, 2018 By -

The Why and How of Drains and Sewers

In parts of the world without adequate drainage systems, sewage often ends up contaminating water supplies used for drinking or bathing. As well as just being plain unpleasant, this exposes people living in such area to things like cholera, typhoid, dysentery, schistosomiasis, hepatitis A, intestinal nematode infections and other awful diseases. Drainage and sewerage are […]

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Drains - Plumbing
December 12, 2017 By -

Our Guide to Becoming a Leak Detective

Have your water bills been higher than you’d like but no taps are dripping and there are no mysterious pools of water under your sinks? Is your water pressure low even after cleaning the shower head? You may have a sneaky leak hiding somewhere in your plumbing. Strap in and get ready to become a […]

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December 10, 2017 By -

Household Plumbing Problems to Watch For

There are many reasons plumbers get called out to households, from simple maintenance plumbing to dealing with absolute disasters. What’s amazing is how many of those plumbing disasters could have been avoided by simply dealing with smaller, common issues before they got out of hand. Here are some problems to keep an eye out for […]

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Househould Plumbing Problems
November 30, 2017 By -

Best Water Saving Tips for Your Home and Garden

Australia is a very dry country. Have you ever woken up at 4 am after eating a salty meal the night before and your mouth is so dry that you can’t swallow? That’s roughly how dry Australia is. In fact, this is the single driest inhabited continent on Earth. Yet, when you wake up there […]

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Water Saving Tips
November 26, 2017 By -

Sydney Industrial Plumbing: What should you look for in an industrial plumber?

When you are managing an industrial facility in Sydney, it is important to have the best possible industrial plumber on call, whether it’s for routine site maintenance or for emergency plumbing situations.  Whether your industrial site is a food processing plant, an industrial manufacturing plant, logistical warehousing or pharmaceuticals, it’s vital that you have the […]

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sydney industrial plumbing
September 19, 2017 By -

Blocked Drains: What are they and how do I get rid of them?

They’re not as rare as you’d think – blocked drains are one of the most common reasons that plumbers get called out to a home. Blocked drains tend to occur at some stage in most homes and businesses, and need to be attended to immediately by an experienced plumber before the condition worsens.   Blocked […]

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Blocked drains Sydney
September 15, 2017 By -

How Can I Unblock A Drain On My Own?

While it’s always best to call your local plumber in the event of a blocked drain, there are home-grown methods you can use if you’ve assessed the situation and it doesn’t look too dire. Here are a few tried (and sometimes true) methods.   Blocked Drain DIY #1: Pour boiling water down the drain Many […]

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Unblock Drain
June 3, 2017 By -

Investment Property Owners Miss Out on Thousands

Guest Post from Bradley Beer of BMT Insider.  Depreciation for renovations made easy Investment property owners often miss out on thousands of dollars due to two main reasons: They don’t know what depreciation entitlements they can claim for renovations or refurbishments to their investment property They don’t use a qualified Quantity Surveyor to prepare a […]

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May 19, 2014 By -

What’s the Benefit of a Plumbing CCTV Inspection?

  When your plumbing system works well you conserve not only precious water, but energy and money, too. Even the slowest of slow drips can waste up to 12 litres of water a month – or 144 litres a year! In order to keep your plumbing system in good working order it’s a good idea […]

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CCTV advantages
May 8, 2014 By -

Get Water Smart With Your Smart Phone

The Best Phone Apps To Stay Water Conscious     There’s a phone app for everything these days – from the functional to the frivolous, it seems that the app market is still booming and open to ideas. We’re fascinated with the apps concerned with water use – here are some of our favourites, for […]

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May 1, 2014 By -

Undetectable Water Leaks Cost Home Owners Thousands

  Ah – the dreaded utility bill. We always seems to forget that they’ll come every quarter, and when they do finally pop up in the letter box (especially after a very hot summer or a very cold winter) the figure that pops up can sometimes come as a surprise. At least you’re not some […]

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April 28, 2014 By -

How to Extend the Life of Your Hot Water Tank

Sydney Homeowners: Don’t blow it all on a hot water tank   If you’re a homeowner with a hot water heater, you may have convinced yourself that maintenance on these wonderful devices would only occur very rarely – if ever. Sure, you could get about a decade of perfect work out of a hot water […]

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Hot water system maintenance
April 20, 2014 By -

The Dos and Don’ts of Using Greywater in Your Home

Sydney Goes Grey: Greywater What is greywater anyway? It’s the useable (once treated) wastewater from a range of sources around the home which includes your bath, bathroom basin, laundry and shower. It does not include blackwater, which is unusable wastewater from toilets. With Australia being the world’s driest continent and the looming threat of global […]

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April 18, 2014 By -

Winter Warming: What are the benefits of natural gas in the home?

  The Bountiful Benefits of Natural Gas With a sharp change of weather in the past couple of weeks, Sydneysiders are looking at winter warming options perhaps a little earlier than expected. Natural gas is becoming a popular option, and it’s not hard to see why – the benefits are numerous and, should you decide […]

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April 15, 2014 By -

Watering Wisely: water saving tips for your edible garden

Water Saving Tips for the Ethical Consumer Sydneysiders love growing edible plants in their backyards or on their balconies. To make the most out of your home-grown produce and do good for the environment by conserving water, you should employ smart watering habits with any of the following techniques. If you’re hand watering your crops, […]

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April 14, 2014 By -

The Price of Plumbing: Why aren’t costs regulated by the ACCC?

Plumbing is one of the most popular professions in Sydney. Demand is almost always high and, in turn, so are the costs for a call-out. While advertised prices appear low on an advertisement or website, that tends to be solely for the cost of the plumber call-out. Once the plumber has entered your home or […]

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Plumber CCTV Inspection
March 24, 2014 By -

6 Tips for Future Plumbers

Sydney Demands More Plumbing Image via Shutterstock. More and more people are choosing to become plumbers in 2014, and it’s not hard to see why. In Sydney, plumbers are in greater demand than ever. Here are our six tips to take when considering plumbing as a career. Land an apprenticeship: Let’s be honest, apprenticeship wages […]

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March 17, 2014 By -

How can I tell whether my toilet is leaking?

Plumbing Emergency or Plumbing Annoyance, it’s Never Good Sydney could stand to save more water! Toilet leaks are easy to diagnose and repair, saving you hundreds of dollars a year – if you know how. A continuously running toilet can waste up to 60, 000 litres of water per year? That is equivalent to around […]

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Plumbing emergency
March 10, 2014 By -

Plumbing Emergency: Backflow Solved

What is backflow, you ask? It is, as the name suggests, a flow of water in the reverse direction that it should be going. When this occurs, the potential for water contamination by dirt or foreign-borne substances increases. As we use water in our home for cooking, cleaning and drinking, if a contamination occurs you […]

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March 3, 2014 By -

America’s Crazy Plumbing Commercials

Let’s be honest – when it comes to advertising plumbing services, you have to be creative for it to be appealing to a substantial audience – talking about backed up toilets and blocked drains doesn’t translate well to prime time TV. However, these four ads we’ve found do their job pretty well – can we […]

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February 25, 2014 By -

Plumbing Emergency: why is my water pressure low?

Low water pressure doesn’t sound like a big deal in theory, but feels like a plumbing emergency when it comes up to surprise you during a shower. But what causes low water pressure in the first place? Image via Shutterstock. There’s nothing less inspiring than stepping into the shower after groggily waking up, expecting to […]

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Plumbing Emergency
February 17, 2014 By -

To DIY or Not to DIY?: Sydney Should Beware of the Bathroom

It’s a great feeling to be able to have your friends over and say “Oh, the bathroom? Yeah, I did that. All me.” Of course, the reality is you won’t be able to do it all without a registered plumber but there’s still plenty for you to do that won’t be intensely plumbing-related. However, renovating […]

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February 13, 2014 By -

Crazy Plumbing: A Man’s Dream Home

Plumbing doesn’t always have to be a serious. Like with any profession, there’s the temptation to create something a little silly with your skills. Some New Zealand blokes did just that and pulled one of the best pranks ever. Now we’re left wondering how long it’ll be till something like this shows up in Sydney. […]

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Plumbing Uncovered: Pipe Relining

Image via Shutterstock. Drains and pipes are the veins and arteries of your household’s plumbing system, and like any well-functioning part of your household (or body, if we keep using that analogy) they require care and maintenance to ensure optimal performance. When pipes are cracked or broken, it is only ever brought to the attention of the […]

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Plumber Advice: Dripping Taps Driving You Crazy?

It’s true: only a plumber can save you from this drippy, watery hell. Image via Shutterstock. Dripping taps are definitely high on our list of the Worst Things Ever. Considering their history as being used as a form of torture, it’s no surprise that no one appreciates the constant dripping in an otherwise silent room. […]

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What Causes Blocked Drains?

Blocked drains never happens at the right time; these handy tips will help you, hopefully, avoid them. Everyone has had the unfortunate incident of dealing with a bothersome blocked drains. Image via Shutterstock Drain blockages are quite a common issue and tend to occur at some stage in most homes and businesses. Blocked drains need to be […]

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Sydney’s Water Saving Tips for the Laundry

Image via Shutterstock. Did You Know? The laundry accounts for 15-20% of all water consumed in the home, making it a high consumer of water, detergents and energy. However, this doesn’t have to remain the case – you can save water, energy and, most importantly, money, with a little bit of know-how. Here are a […]

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Top 5 Terrible DIY Disasters – No Sydney Sider Should Try These!

There’s a place and time for DIY. If you’re handy and hardy, feel free to replace sink taps and shower heads, hook up sinks and washing machines. That’s fine. However, just because you’ve accomplished those tasks without flooding the house or electrocuting yourself does not a plumber make. Without professional tools or know-how you could […]

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10 Weird & Wonderful Plumbing Facts

There’s more to plumbing than fixing leaky taps and unblocking toilets. It’s one of Western civilisations oldest professions and, as such, has a lot of history behind it! Here are a few of our favourite plumbing facts we’ve found along the way… (Image source: Shutterstock) After saying that he would become a plumber if he had to […]

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Hiring an Emergency Plumber in Sydney

As much as we’d like to, we just can’t glide through life without any hiccups or speed bumps – it’s this spontaneity that gives us the spice of life, right? Sometimes that spontaneity is good – like bumping into someone at the supermarket and, five years down the track, eventually marrying him or her. Sometimes […]

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How Much Does a Plumber in Sydney Cost?

When you’re on the market for a plumber, there are a number of services listed that will make the enticing offer of a discount if you call them over the other hordes of plumber in Sydney. On initial thought, it’s definitely tempting to take the offer up, but what you have to keep in mind is […]

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How to Replace a Toilet Valve in Two Steps

A leaking toilet can be an absolute pain in the neck, leading to increases in water bills, damage to surrounding walls or floors and even accidents like slipping over thanks to the pool of water. Thankfully, not every leaking toilet will require the expertise of a plumber or plumbing contractor. If you’re ready for a little […]

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How to Spot a Dodgy Emergency Plumber

The last thing you want when your home feels like it’s rivaling Sydney Harbour thanks to the amount of water rushing through is to find out that you’ve hired a real dud of a plumber. The majority of plumbers or plumbing contractors you hire in an emergency situation will be on the level and will get the […]

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Bizarre Plumbing: The Rich are Flushing Away Gold?

Have you ever been sitting on your toilet and found yourself wondering how the whole experience could just be that little more glamorous? Some New York designers have come up with a way to make ordinary plumbing as fabulous as possible but don’t expect to see any toilets like this in Sydney anytime soon. Image sourced from […]

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Save Sydney Water: Plumbing tips for the kitchen

With Sydney being one of the most expensive places to live in the world, it never hurts to be a little bit more conscious of the dollar and learn how to save where you can without drastically changing your lifestyle. Home’s a good place to start, especially in the kitchen, which is a major consumer […]

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Australia’s Plumbing Trade Thriving

Plumbing named one of our most-wanted jobs for 2014 Image via Shutterstock. Sydney’s set to see many more plumbers, tech heads, health care specialists and retail assistants in 2014, as many residents resolve for a change in career. How many times have you seen the phrase New Year, New You in Sydney since starting 2014? […]

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February 12, 2014 By -
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