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Hot Water Systems

Setting Sydney up with hot water

GF James provides commercial businesses with plumbers trained in hot water and electrical to service, repair and replace any hot water systems.

Our plumbers specialise in hot water system installation for large storage tanks and hot water systems for strata managers and commercial clients of all sizes. We can advise you on the best plumbing solution for your company’s needs.

At GF James, we have over 31 years experience in commercial plumbing across metropolitan Sydney. Our plumbers provide new plumbing work and maintenance for all types and sizes of commercial buildings.

Contact us for any enquiries you have about your commercial hot water system – our plumbers at GF James have the knowledge and proficiency to customise, install and maintain commercial hot water systems for a variety of businesses and buildings.

Our hot water system services include:

  • All major brand repairs
  • Hot water installations
  • Hot water maintenance
  • Safety inspections
  • TPR valve replacements
  • Anode replacements
  • Pipe insulation
  • Dirty or rusty hot water
  • Solar-heated water

What is the best water heating system for your commercial premises?

There are a number of water heater options, but when it comes to selecting the most economical technology and capacity for your commercial needs, picking one can be a daunting task. Some factors that will influence your decision include your building’s roof space, off-peak electricity and access to natural gas.

The two main hot water systems that you can supply your commercial enterprise with: a mains pressure hot water system or a continuous flow hot water system. Mains pressure systems heats then stores hot water so that it’s ready as soon as you need it. Continuous flow systems (coil or instantaneous) cannot deliver mains pressure, as their hot water flow is restricted to allow for increasing the water’s temperature as it passes through the system.

If no natural gas is used in your building, heat pumps can be a great alternative, providing an efficient replacement for an obsolete old electric water heater.

Water heater maintenance and upgrades

Strata managers should watch out for the early signs of plumbing issues in your commercial premises. These signs include taps that are hard to turn, noisy or dropping, and signs of the hot water heater leaking. Uncharacteristically high water, gas or electricity bills are also indicative of issues with the hot water heater on the premises. The team at GF James Plumbing can give your hot water system an appraisal, which is an inexpensive process that could see you conserving water, energy, and saving money in the long term.

GF James understands that local business owners in Sydney want to economise by reducing unnecessary gas, electricity and water bills. Thus, it is imperative that the hot water system you have in your building is not too small or too big for the number of people who work or use the facilities in the building. If you are a strata manager, GF James can advise how you can reduce your gas, electricity and water usage to more economical levels. Call GF James today to arrange a hot water system review.

For any hot water system requirements for your business, contact the team at GF James today. We service a variety of locations in the Sydney metropolitan area, including North Sydney, Sydney CBD, the Inner West, the Eastern Suburbs and more.

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