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Electric Eel

Electric Eel and Drain Snake Cleaning 

A plumber’s snake, sometimes known as a “sanny snake”, “toilet jack” or “electric eel”, is a flexible auger (drill) occasionally used by plumbers to loosen clogs that cannot be shifted by a plunger.


How does the electric eel work? 

The electric eel normally worked one of three ways: It would coil itself into the blockage (much like a corkscrew) retrieving the object when the snake was pulled out. It pulverises the object, commonly tree roots, foam installation or light plastics, allowing the objects to pass through the pipe. Or it’s textured surface would allow for the removal of grease and debris that has bonded to the surface of the pipe.


Is it the best way to clean my broken or blocked pipes and drains?

Once a popular choice amongst plumbers, the electric eel has been replaced by high-pressure water blasting which is more effective and less likely to cause further damage to your pipes.


When will you use the electric eel? 

G.F. James Plumbers may choose to use an electric eel when unclogging your pipes or drains, it all depends on the type of blockage and what our trained technicians think is the best solution to your plumbing situation.

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