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Tree Root Blockages

Tree roots, the biggest culprit in blocked drains

Tree roots are the number one cause of blocked drains in Sydney. Long and hot summers see thirsty tree roots making their way towards any available moisture. For many unfortunate Australian householders, this means the condensation on sewer and stormwater pipes.


It doesn’t stop there…

Once tree roots get into your pipes they cause dirt and debris to become caught, continue to grow and eventually end up causing blockages. The problem is only going to continue to get worse, possibly causing unhygienic backflow, if not dealt with properly.


Clearing tree root damage quicker and more effectively than ever before!

Once upon a time tree root damage could mean a lot more fuss than it does now. All G.F. James Plumbing technicians are qualified to conduct CCTV pipe and drain inspections, this ensures our plumbers can quickly locate the exact site of the damage and prepare for action. Once found, our plumbers will use high-powered water jet blasting to breakdown and flush away tree roots without causing further damage to your pipes. All of this can be done without the need for costly or time-consuming excavations.


Say goodbye to blocked drains

Even once they’ve been removed tree roots can continue to be an annoyance. If your pipes have been cracked or damaged by tree roots, they’ll need to be fixed. Failing to act when it comes to broken pipes could see you wasting both money and water through water leaks and recurring plumbing problems in the future.

G.F. James Plumbing’s technicians are certified pipe relining specialists. More affordable than replacing your existing piping and more resilient than PVC, pipe relining technology uses an epoxy resin, “shot” through your existing pipes, creating an internal structure using the original piping as a frame.

Pipe relining, or pipe rehabilitation, can be done on pipes big and small and utilises existing landing valves and outlets, meaning there’s no need for time-consuming and costly digs, damage or excavations.


Blocked Stormwater Drains

A stormwater drain is generally much more difficult to unblock than a sewer line. A blocked storm water drain can be caused by dirt, mud, silt and sand. However they’re most likely to occur due to tree root damage. Tree roots that have penetrated an earthenware line may not be immediately noticed allowing them time to grow and cause further damage to your stormwater drains. After heavy rain, the tree roots may get significantly bigger finally bringing the problem to the forefront.


Dealing with blocked stormwater drains

Our plumbing technicians are qualified to use high-powered water jetting tools, making the process of cleaning stormwater drains and removing tree roots easier and more convenient. By getting rid of the need for excavations or digging, high-powered water jetting tools can break down tree roots, leaving the drain clean and ready for pipe relining.