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Water Jetting

High-Pressure Jet Blasting Services

When you’re experiencing plumbing problems you don’t want to be waiting around while the plumber tries to fix it using old and outdated techniques. The longer your plumber takes fixing your blocked drain the more you’ll end up paying. At G.F. James Plumbing we’ve invested in the latest hydro-jet blasting technology. Specially engineered to unblock even the most difficult blocked drains and pipes, this high-water-pressure mechanism flushes debris and build-up away rather than simply moving it further into your plumbing. The high-force water blasting ensures the pipe is left completely clear, reducing the chance of a recurring problem.


What are the benefits of water jetting?

Hot water and cold water jet blasting has been an innovation in plumbing. By utilising existing fittings and fixtures in your home or property, we’re able to get to the interior of your pipe locating the problem using a combination of CCTV pipe inspections and our high-pressure water jetting technology. With jet blasting we’re able to completely remove various kinds of substances and debris ensuring your not burdened by repeat blockages or a costly plumbing emergency further down the line.


So what can water jetting do?

Water jetting is going to thoroughly clean your pipes and move any debris into the attached manhole for vacuum collection. Water jetting can:


  • Penetrate and emulsify grease.

  • Break through sludge, debris and foreign materials.

  • Pulverise tree roots and;

  • Flush all matter out of your pipes!


Once your pipes or drains have been jet blasted a more thorough CCTV pipe inspection can be performed. This can ensure our technicians are able to spot any corrosion, pin hole leaks or damage that may be associated with blocked drains or other plumbing problems.


What can jet blasting remove from my pipes?

Our range of jet blaster nozzles are designed to give various amounts of pressure in order to effectively clear different kinds of blockages. Some of the matter our jet blasting nozzles are designed to tackle are


  • Fat sludge, sand and small tree roots.

  • Soil, stones and debris.

  • Grease, cement and concrete and;

  • Pipe wall debris and large tree roots.


Sewer Jet Flushing

Sewer jet flushing involves moving loose debris from sanitary sewer lines and flushing it back to the connected manhole for collection via vacuum loading. Jet flushing and jet rodding ensure that no matter what kind of debris is clogging up your pipes, it is thoroughly removed for good. Typically, a jet flushing exercise consists of jetting a nozzle up the entire length of the sewer line. Larger operations can involve the operator having to “step-clean”, repeatedly flushing portions of the line until the entire sewer is clear. Though similar, jet rodding uses a sewer nozzle to scour the walls, removing grease, sludge and built-up debris. Our technicians opt for jet rodding when tackling stubborn debris, while it may take a little longer than jet-flushing ensuring the right nozzle is chosen for the job guarantees you’re free from future plumbing problems.


What kind of plumbing systems is jet blasting suitable for?

Our jet blasting services are suitable, but not limited to:


  • Sewer lines and sewer stacks

  • Stormwater easements

  • Stormwater pits and associated pipe work

  • Stormwater lines

  • Grease pits & associated pipes  


Water jet cleaning for residential, commercial and industrial properties

G.F. James Plumbing’s water jetting services are available for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Our highly-qualified professionals work everywhere from strata apartment buildings to government sites. Want to know more about our jet blasting services for the commercial and industrial sector?


Learn more about our services

Our water jetting services often come hand-in-hand with our pipe relining services. Once your pipes have been cleaned we’re able to send a CCTV camera into your pipes and drains so as to investigate further. If corrosion, tree root abrasions, breaks, cracks and leaks are detected our technicians are probably going to recommend you invest in pipe relining. Involving the injection of epoxy resin that binds itself to the circumference of your pipes our pipe relining technology reinstates that structural integrity of your pipes. Pipe relining technology can be used on both drinking water and non-drinking water pipes and drainage systems. Want to know more about jet flushing and pipe relining? Visit our pipe relining page or call us on 02 9649 1099 today.

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