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Commercial Plumbing Problem: Learning about FOG

One of the toughest problems that commercial plumbers in Sydney, such as GF James Plumbing, are often faced with is the accumulation of fats, oils and grease (FOG) in grease traps and tanks.

A grease trap is a crucial component that can be found between a restaurant’s drain pipe and the city’s sewer lines. It prevents fats, oils and greases from entering the city’s sewer system by separating them from waste water. That’s why it is extremely important to have the grease trap properly maintained on a regular basis to keep it functioning effectively.



FOG explained

Fats, oils and greases, or FOG, can be solid or liquid materials that are mainly composed of fat from animals and vegetables. These materials include cooking oil, vegetable oil, butter, and bacon grease.

Who produces FOG?

Food businesses are the main contributors to the accumulation of FOG. Such businesses include restaurants, food processing businesses, cafeterias in offices, schools, hospitals, churches, and prison, as well as meat processors. The amount of FOG these businesses generate is staggering. The FOGs produced by these businesses are naturally thrown down the drain, which when accumulating in large amounts, could potentially cause problems if not maintained.

How does FOG cause problems?

FOGs are sticky substances. They can easily build up inside the drain and are extremely difficult to remove and are also difficult to separate from liquid solutions. When there is a considerable amount of buildup, it causes backups. They can also cause sanitary sewer overflows in pump stations, which poses a big environmental and health concern.

What you should do

If you are running a food business, it helps to properly separate fatty waste. Collect it before washing the dishes to avoid the accumulation of FOGs in the drain. Even oils and other liquid fat should be separated, and not thrown down the drain. They can stick and accumulate, causing backups and incapacitate the sewer lines.

If you suspect that there has been substantial accumulation of FOG in your pipes, you should have commercial plumbers check them right away. G.F. James Plumbing, one of Sydney’s leading commercial plumbing company helps clean and empty grease traps and grease tanks to prevent problems from occurring.

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