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Five Signs That a Plumber is Trying to Rip You off

It’s sad to say that people in Sydney get ripped off everyday. In any business, no matter which industry, there are always those who have ill intentions against other people. Even in the plumbing industry, there are those who seek to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals.

Woman Mopping Up Leaking Sink On Phone To PlumberAt G.F. James Plumbing, being one of the most reliable plumbers in Sydney, we put our customers’ best interest ahead of ours. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the things that unscrupulous contractors are doing to rip people off.

They employ scare tactics

It’s quite easy to spot a scammer at the onset. They use scare tactics by blowing the problem out of proportion. They focus on it instead of focusing on the solution. They scare people with scenarios that would make them want to hire them right that instant. Stay away from these kinds of plumbers.

They provide quotes verbally

In business, things should be put in black and white. A questionable plumber would take a look at the problem at hand, do some assessment and instantly provide a quote, verbally. A professional plumber, on the other hand, shows the numbers and the details of the job on a piece of paper.

They demand upfront payment

Scammers would most often demand for payments upfront, even before starting the job. A professional contractor, on the other hand, would first see to it that they complete the job, and make sure that the customer is satisfied, before asking for payments.

They cause additional damage

Scammers would intentionally cause some damage without you noticing it to secure additional job order. That’s why, before calling a plumber, be sure to take note of the damage and take some pictures of it. As the plumbers do their job, keep an eye on them and don’t get distracted.

They provide no warranty

A professional plumber is so confident about the work that they do that they are able to provide warranty. Not so with scammers. When they hand you a contract, be sure to go over the fine print and see if there’s any stipulation of warranty.

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Geoff grew up in Berala near Lidcombe in Sydney and attended Birrong Boys High School where he finished his Year 10 school certificate. Geoff was encouraged by his uncle to consider plumbing as he had done a bit of plumbing work on weekends during his school years. DJ Childs Plumbing in Canterbury offered him a plumbing apprenticeship and he spent most of his time working on plumbing maintenance and new roofs on commercial sites. Geoff on Google+.