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America’s Crazy Plumbing Commercials

Let’s be honest – when it comes to advertising plumbing services, you have to be creative for it to be appealing to a substantial audience – talking about backed up toilets and blocked drains doesn’t translate well to prime time TV. However, these four ads we’ve found do their job pretty well – can we do one like these in Sydney?


sure if this TV would even be capable of playing any advertisements,
let alone a plumbing one, but it looks good.

Image via Shutterstock.

Plumber’s cracks – we’ve all seen them (on a plumber or otherwise) and we’ve all had a good laugh at them. This American plumber’s company has taken that weird joke to the next level and used it as the subject of their latest TV commercial – even getting in a gag about a credit card slot, too.

There’s something about advertisements from the 90s… this one in particular for a plumbing and heating company has a surprisingly catchy catchphrase (“Aaaaaadeeeee dooo”) but we can’t help but feel a little creeped out by the end of the short video.

After watching this TV ad, we’re left wondering, “why aren’t there more Hollywood movies about plumbers?” Surely after watching this ad, more producers would be compelled to finally take on that script on a blocked drain gone awry and the courageous plumber who saved the day.

I think the message behind this one is that if, like Ruprecht Manfrenchison, the sound of a leaky tap makes you borderline homicidal, perhaps it’s time to call a plumber. This is apparently a “draft” ad, so ignore the shoddy graphics that take over.

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Geoff James
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Geoff grew up in Berala near Lidcombe in Sydney and attended Birrong Boys High School where he finished his Year 10 school certificate. Geoff was encouraged by his uncle to consider plumbing as he had done a bit of plumbing work on weekends during his school years. DJ Childs Plumbing in Canterbury offered him a plumbing apprenticeship and he spent most of his time working on plumbing maintenance and new roofs on commercial sites. Geoff on Google+.