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Metal and Roofing

GF James Plumbing has a team of fully qualified and experienced metal roofing specialised tradespeople. We can service and replace all metal and colorbond roofing, including gutters and downpipes.

The primary purpose of gutters and downpipes is to protect a building’s foundation by channeling water away from the base. Gutters and downpipes also help to reduce erosion, prevent leaks in ceilings, protect painted surfacts by reducing their exposure to water, and provide a means for collecting rainwater for later use.

As gutters and downpipes are so important to the structure of your building, it is important to perform regular cleaning and maintenance to your gutters and downpipe. Performing regular maintenance ensures that your guttering and downpipes remain in good condition for much longer, and minimises the need for a gutter replacement.

At GF James, we can help protect your building from damange by supplying and installing a durable guttering and drainpipe system. Choose from a range of materials, styles and colours, including systems in zincalume, copper, stainless steel, aluminium and Colorbond Steel.

What is the difference between imported steel and Colorbond steel roofs?

There are variances in performance requirements for imported steel and Colorbond steel roofs. Colorbond is more than just powder-coated steel – it complies with a number of Australian standards and has been designed specifically for Australian conditions.
What are the benefits of Colorbond roofing?

Colorbond roofing is becoming much more commonplace in Sydney, and it’s not hard to see why. There are many benefits to the roofing option that makes it so popular with GF James clients.

  • Vast colour range: Colorbond have 22 colour choices inspired by the colours of Australia, including shades like ‘basalt’, ‘mangrove’, ‘terrain’ and ‘wallaby’.
  • Goes with everything: Colorbond is suited to any Australian home and roof – traditional, contemporary, curved, skillion, convex or concave.
  • Suits the Australian climate: It’s non-combustible, termite resistant, weather-tight and secure, protecting any home against harsh Australian conditions. With its durable, baked-on paint finish, the Colorbond steel resists chipping, peeling and cracking to deliver long life performance with low maintenance.
  • Sustainability as a priority: As steel is 100% recyclable, it is one of the world’s most reused products. Colorbond is delivered pre-cut to building sites in order to reduce on-site wastage and have less of an impact to the site and its surroundings. As it is a lightweight material, it is efficient and cost-effective to transport. As well as looking good, Colorbond provides long-term advantages for the environment by enabling a more efficient use of resources.

GF James does gutters and downpipes

Whatever style of building you have, GF James’ experienced roof plumbers can provide steel or aluminium gutter installations for your new roof.

Types of guttering include:

  • Nu-line
  • Mini-line
  • Roundline
  • Half round
  • Square line
  • Quad
  • Old style quad
  • Steel fascia
  • Fascia cover
  • Barge soaker
  • Valley
  • Rollform downpipe
  • Round downpipe
  • Rainwater heads and leafguards

What other Metal and Roofing services does GF James provide?

The experienced tradesmen and contractors at GF James provide expert services in roof restoration and gutter repairs for our commercial clients.

  • Roof and leak inspection
  • Redesign drainage system
  • Repairs to old and damaged steel roofs

Contact GF James Plumbing

We provide a highly professional service with fast turnaround for our commercial clients in the Sydney metropolitan region, which include North Sydney, the Sydney CBD, the Inner West and Eastern surburbs. For expert gutter and downpipe installation and maintenance in Sydney, contact the roof plumbers at GF James Plumbing.