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How to Prevent a Blocked Drain

While a blocked drain doesn’t mean the complete end for your sink, it does put it out of commission until whatever is causing the blockage is removed. This common nuisance in Sydney homes can be prevented with just a few simple steps added to your already running cleaning schedule.

Wasted waterWeekly Drain Maintenance:

Once a week, flush your drain out by firstly boiling a large pot of water.  Pour one half of the pot down the drain. Wait 5 minutes and pour the rest down the drain. This will get any residue and buildup off the sides of your pipes.

Monthly Drain Maintenance:

Use an enzymatic cleaner once a month. Using this, or another enzyme cleaner, once a month will clean out your pipes of heavier buildup not taken out by your weekly clean, will kill any lingering bacteria,  help maintain your drain and keep odors out as well.

Drains With Disposals:

If you have a drain with a disposal unit attached then you need to make sure you clean the blades. The easiest way to do this is by running orange/lemon peels and ice cubes and orange peels through it. This will knock of any residue on your disposal units blades. The peels also act to  remove any odors and freshen up the disposal drain. Make sure to slice the peels into small pieces, because large peels could jam the disposal.

Seasonal Drain Maintenace:

For a heavy duty clean you should flush the drain with baking sode and vinegar no more than 2-3 times a year. After allowing it to sit for a bit run hot water down the drain.

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