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Tips for Solving Common Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems are best left with contractors. But if you can’t get a hold of any plumbing service provider in Sydney, you can rely on some DIY know-how for some common and simple plumbing problems, such as the following:

plumbingLow water pressure

Low water pressure is more common with sink taps. You need to check whether the low pressure affects both cold and hot water. If both have low pressure, the likely cause is a problem with the aerator. One of the causes could be a calcium buildup which blocks the aerator and causes the water pressure to drop. Fixing this problem is easy. Simply removing the aerator and cleaning out any deposits that may have accumulated should do the trick.

Sink draining slowly

A slowly draining sink is a common problem. The drain strainer covered with hair and other material is usually the culprit. Clean out the strainer on a regular basis to ensure that water flows down the drain smoothly.

Tub draining slowly

A slowly draining tub is also one of the common household plumbing problems that homeowners can easily take care of. One of its causes is also the accumulation of hair and other debris. As with the sink, the tub’s drain strainer can be removed with the right set of tools so you can take out an obstruction. Do this at least once every week to ensure that the tub drains smoothly.

Running toilet

Running toilet, another very common problem, can be easily caused by a dislocated tank ball. The tank ball allows and stops the flow of water from the tank when flushing. To determine if this is the cause, open the tank and see if the rod guide is properly setting the tank ball in place. Otherwise, adjust it so that it allows the ball to properly close the opening where water goes out to flush the toilet.

Jammed garbage disposal

Every garbage disposal comes with a nifty key that helps users unjam it. If the key is misplaced, an Allen wrench can do the trick. Locate the opening at the bottom of the disposal where the key should be inserted. Use a ¼-inch Allen wrench and turn in both directions to free its motor.

If you’re unsure about how to deal with the plumbing problem you’re facing, contact the expert plumbing contractors of Sydney G.F. James Plumbing on 02 9649 1099.

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