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4 Pipe Relining Equipment and Tools Used by Sydney Contractors You should Know about

downloadPipe relining in Sydney is growing in popularity for its efficiency in repairing blocked and damaged drains. Some establishments and households report that pipe relining is a world apart from the traditional way of fixing broken pipes that involve digging.

 But just what makes pipe relining so efficient? With the help of special tools and equipment, pipe relining has grown to become one of the most preferred methods for fixing broken pipes in Sydney.

Here’s a look into the tools and equipment involved in pipe relining.

High pressure water jetter

High pressure water jetter is a common equipment used in the plumbing business. It’s mainly used to clean sewer lines and in other industries it’s used for cleaning patios and concrete, as well as cars. It powerfully blasts water using a pressure generator through a nozzle with pressures that could be as high as 25,000 per square inch (psi).

 Pipe camera

Just like in modern operating procedures where cameras are used to for those hard to reach areas deep inside our body, plumbing also uses a special type of pipe camera that allows contractors to take a high quality image of the pipe’s damaged area. This helps plumbers properly assess the extent of the damage so they can apply the appropriate actions needed to restore the pipe.

 The bladder

This specially designed tool holds the liner in place as it is inserted inside the damaged pipe. It adheres to the shape and curves of the pipes so that no matter how sharp the turns are, the liner can be easily set in place.

 The bladder is inflated to push the liner firmly against the pipe’s inner wall until the liner dries. The bladder is then deflated once the liner is dry.

The special epoxy resin

The epoxy resin used to line the inner wall of the damaged pipe and sewer lines is a mix of special chemicals that make it so durable. Once it’s applied, the pipe is as good as new with the new lining material, making the pipe work even better and last longer.

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