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Pipe Relining: Top Reasons why it’s More Beneficial


If you are one of the many households or commercial establishment owners in Sydney who are still somehow uncertain about whether to utilise pipe relining for your blocked drains, here’s a little something for you to consider: If you are keen to use traditional pipe repair services because you’re certain that they work, wouldn’t it be fair to also take a look at alternative drain repair methods that does the job that you need and also provide you with several advantages?

Newer drain repair methods are a step or two ahead of the traditional ones in terms of efficiency and economy. That’s why it’s only fair to give the latest pipe repair techniques such as pipe relining a chance to see how you will significantly benefit from them.

Later, we’ll talk about the advantages of pipe relining over traditional pipe repair services to help you arrive at a sound buying decision, but first let’s talk a bit more about traditional sewer line repair or replacement.

The traditional way of repairing pipes involves digging and hauling faulty or damaged sewer lines from the ground, causing some damages on the driveway and on the landscape. It’s also a cause for inconvenience to surrounding establishments. Not only is traditional sewer line repair costly, it also puts home and commercial building owners into some risks such as some damages that could occur elsewhere in the building as a result of the repair, and that the affected area may not be restored to its former state.

The following are just to mention some of pipe relining’s major advantages over traditional methods.

Cost savings from insignificant damages to concreted areas

Based on countless pipe relining projects, about 90% of the surrounding areas where pipe relinings occur are left undamaged. There’s very little to no need for uprooting plants and ripping up driveways with pipe relining. Also, because there’s no need to dig for new pipes to be installed, there’s no risk of damaging electrical, gas and water lines.

Locating the damage is much more efficient

The technology involved in specifically locating pipe damage is simple. Pipe relining uses a camera to survey where the damage occurred.

Increased plumbing system efficiency

By just relining damaged pipes, you will notice a much more efficient flow of water. Flow capacity will increase, and the pipes will last much longer than replacing them with new ones altogether.

Increased durability

Using a very special kind of expoxy resin and other lining materials, pipe relining offers increased durability to existing pipe or plumbing system.

More cost-efficient

The reason why pipe relining is much cheaper than traditional pipe replacement; there’s no need to dig and overhaul faulty pipes. There’s very little damage and restoration to surrounding areas within the affected pipes involved. Your money and resources will be focused on restoring the damaged plumbing system.

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