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Faster Blocked Drain Solutions

Get your blocked drain tended to and fixed fast by one of our G.F. James Plumbing technicians. We’re pretty certain that Sydney residents, business owners and site managers want blocked drains and clogged stormwater drains dealt with promptly. That’s why our phone lines are open 24/7 and we offer same-day service right across Sydney. All our vans are equipped with both electric and hydro powered drain cleaners, along with CCTV recording equipment, so we’re able to deal with any problem, big or small, on the spot. Call us today on 02 9649 1099 or use our online booking for to get $25 off your callout fee.


Help! My bathroom sink is blocked.

If your bathroom sink, shower and bathtub drains are regularly blocked it’s probably time to by a Clog Catcher. Great for the bathroom, it helps prevent soap scum, hair and other nasties from getting into your pipes, causing slow drainage or stopped water.These Clog Catchers come in different sizes and can be bought online. You’ll need to regularly pull them out and give them a thorough cleaning (outside obviously) which can be pretty confronting, but if you have older bathroom piping they are almost a necessity!


How can I avoid a blocked bathroom sink? 

Drain catchers are definitely going to help but there are alternatives. Placing a washcloth over your sink when shaving and washing out outside as opposed to flushing everything down your sink works in a similar way to a Clog Catcher.


Why is my bathroom sink or drain blocked?

Your bathroom sinks and drains can cop a fair bit of damage, oils and other elements found in skincare products can cause grease and buildup that congeals and causes other debris to clog. Regular maintenance is recommended in order to prevent clogging. 


What can I do to prevent my drain from becoming blocked?

Occasionally taking the time to pour boiling water down your drains, and every so often mixing it up with baking soda and cleaning vinegar, will help to break down any muck that could be found in your pipes.

Plumbing is definitely one thing you should never try to DIY. If your kitchen sink is blocked and you’re regularly noticing slow water drainage or pooling water it’s time to call a plumber.


Want to know how you can avoid blocking up your kitchen sink’s drain?

Follow these golden rules:

Dispose of cooking grease in the garbage and not down your sink.

Add used coffee grounds to your compost or throw them away.

Invest in a drain-grate to cover the drain’s opening, helping to prevent hair and soap scum for becoming a problem.


What can you do to prevent your drain from getting blocked in the future?

A little regular maintenance doesn’t go astray. Run a little hot water down your drain after each use and occasionally clean your pipes with baking soda and vinegar.


How can I unblock a clogged drain?

If you’ve tried boiling water, baking soda and vinegar you might want to move onto your standard household plunger. You want a cup plunger (your standard plunger as opposed to your toilet plunger. You can head to our blocked toilet page if you need to.) and you simply want to put this on top of your bathroom sink or bathtub or shower drain and start plunging away.

If your drain remains blocked or you experience continual re-blocking, it’s time to call a plumber. It’s highly likely your drains need to be flushed or there may be some tree root damage. But there’s no need for concern, while a blocked drain or tree root damage once meant costly and time-consuming digs, modern plumbing hydro-jetting means these problems can be dealt with swiftly and without any disruption to your home or property.

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