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A Look into How Pipe Relining in Sydney Works

Pipe relining is a modern pipe repair method considered to be the most efficient way of fixing clogged pipes. GF James Plumbing, one of the leaders in pipe relining in Sydney, bares how the whole thing works.

An overview of pipe relining

First, a thorough investigation is made to exactly pin-point the main problem. This is done with the help of specialised techniques and equipment such as scoping cameras to determine exactly where the problem is within the pipe.


This also helps us determine right at the onset the type of service that matches your need. Next, after locating the problem area, we proceed with draining the blockage with the use of high pressure water jets. After thoroughly unclogging the blocked area of the pipe, a structural liner with a custom-made bladder is inserted inside the pipe. The liner which uses a special epoxy resin adheres to any forms of pipes, and no matter how many bends there are in the pipe, the liner can be installed properly. The structural liner is made of tough material that can actually fill any missing section of the pipe. A camera is also used to help ensure that the liner is placed inside the pipe properly. The custom-made bladder is then inflated, leaving the liner to cure. Once cured, the bladder is then removed, leaving behind a repaired section of the damaged pipe. The pipe is then restored to its pristine condition.

Benefits of pipe relining

Using this technique to clean, clear or repair a pipe is ideal in many ways. First, pipe relining your Sydney property eliminates the need to dig or demolish any structures. In some cases, demolishing a section of your property could be unnecessary, which could cost you even more money than it should. Also, it’s a more environment-friendly way to repair blocked pipes.

Pipe relining also ensures that the repaired pipe is more structurally durable, and future leaks and internal pipe corrosion are effectively avoided, allowing you to save even more money. And of course, pipe relining with many Sydney plumbing contractors comes with an installation warranty.

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