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Plumbing Services Sydney: How to Install Your Washing Machine

Unless there’s a hidden Amish community in Sydney, no one washes their clothes these days without using a washing machine. They save time, effort, and water. But can you save money when it comes to installing your washing machine, or do you need to sacrifice more hard-earned dollars to your local plumbing services?

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Easy enough or too darn confusing? I reckon you could give it a shot.

When it comes to installing a washing machine, there are three things you always need to think about: electricity, cold feeds, and waste water. With those in mind, here’s how you install that new washing machine:

  • Once the packaging’s gone, take off the carriage bolts at the back of the machine (refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the best way to do this with your particular machine)
  • Get the cold water supply hose, and attach it to the inlet of the washing machine (it goes over the little filter there) – screw it on tightly
  • The other end of the cold water supply hose needs to be screwed onto the cold water pipe (make sure the valve’s off!)
  • Turn the valve back on and give your joints a little pressure test
  • Grab your waste water hose (make sure it’s attached to the machine) and feed it into the down pipe – the hose has to have a nice drop to it, so the waste water drains properly (some machines come with a little u-bend piece you can use to do this)
  • Now you can plug it in

If you want, you can give it a test run without any clothes in it, just to give the machine a wash out.

If you need to remove an old washing machine to install your new one, here’s the best way to do it:

  • Pull out the washing machine, without disconnecting it from the plumbing, so you can get behind it.
  • You’ll need to turn off any valves connected to the machine e.g. the cold water valve.
  • When you’ve turned off the valve or valves, you can disconnect the washing machine from the pipes.
  • Take the waste water hose out from the waste water down pipe – it should just be a simple matter of lifting it out.
  • Don’t forget to turn off and take out the electrical cord as well!

Then you can follow the instructions above.

Geoff James
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Geoff grew up in Berala near Lidcombe in Sydney and attended Birrong Boys High School where he finished his Year 10 school certificate. Geoff was encouraged by his uncle to consider plumbing as he had done a bit of plumbing work on weekends during his school years. DJ Childs Plumbing in Canterbury offered him a plumbing apprenticeship and he spent most of his time working on plumbing maintenance and new roofs on commercial sites. Geoff on Google+.