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The GF James Pipe Relining Advantage with Nu-Flow

At GF James Plumbing Services, we are proud of the plumbing work we provide such as pipe relining in Sydney. We are confident that we are offering only the best services to every home and business because we work only with the best. And when it comes to pipe relining, nothing is better than the Nu-Flow system.

The GF James Plumbing and NuFlow advantage

Over the years, NuFlow has been the recognised leader in breakthrough plumbing technologies. As a testament to their leadership, they recently sponsored a contest called World Water Day Nonprofit Pipe Lining Contest which was joined by hundreds of participants.

About NuFlow

NuFlow offers innovative plumbing solutions to plumbing resellers. Their flagship technology, the pipe liner, can be installed on most types of sewer pipes. They can be set up on junctions, bends, traps, horizontal or vertical pipes, and they can be as short as a metre or as long 50 metres. The amazing part is that the NuFlow liner stays in place seamlessly and is so durable that it prevents root intrusion and ground water from penetrating the pipes.

The pipe relining advantage

Pipe relining is growing in popularity, not because it’s merely a fad, but because it’s more efficient and provides a whole lot of other advantages such as:

Minimal damage to properties

No bursting, no digging and no demolishing of parts of the property. That the pipe relining promise. Traditional pipe repairs often involve digging, dismantling and ripping off parts of the property to get down to the cause of the problem. Not with pipe relining. Often called the trenchless method, this method gets down to the cause of the problem with the use of special, non-invasive technologies to minimise damage yet offer efficient pipe restoration.


Because traditional pipe repair often involves complicated methods, it’s more expensive. Up front, trenchless pipe repair costs much lesser than the traditional method. Long term, it’s also cheaper. That’s because relined pipes are much more durable and more efficient. It minimises the need for more future repairs on the pipes as well as on the surrounding parts of the property.

Longer lasting pipes

As previously mentioned, relined pipes with NuFlow technology are more durable and lasts much longer. Many pipe relining jobs come with an installation warranty, with some lasting for about 10 to 50 years.

The leader in Sydney pipe relining

For over 36 years now, GF James Plumbing has been the trusted leader in plumbing services in Sydney. As such, we protect our reputation by providing homes and businesses with only the best products from only the biggest name in the industry.

To find out more about pipe relining, call us today on 02 9649 1099.

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