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The Top 5 Pieces of Equipment Plumbers in Sydney Use to Clear Blocked Pipes

Plumbers in Sydney are not miracle workers, and there’s not many trade secrets involved in carrying out their work. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the equipment that is commonly used by your friendly plumbers to do the dirty work of clearing blocked pipes.

Here are the top five pieces of equipment plumbers use to deal with blocked drains.


The good old Plunger

Did you think that the professional plumbers such as GF James Plumbing only use sophisticated equipment. We do use sophisticated equipment however we also use the old-fashioned tools, like the good old plunger. But the question isn’t so much as what we use, rather it’s how we use it.

As you know, the plunger is used to clear some minor drain cloggings. It is more commonly used for blocked toilets, blocked shower or kitchen sink drains. The plunger is at the “front lines” of the plumbing tech used as an initial tool to determine the seriousness of the problem at hand.

CCTV camera

Not just your usual CCTV camera. The CCTV camera used for solving drainage problems is a specialised camera. It is so sleek and compact that it can be inserted into most types of drains. It allows the plumber to have a peek into the problem to give them a better judgment of what to do next. The tiny camera is hooked up to an external monitor that provides the plumber a good view of what’s inside the drain.

The locator

The pipe locator, also known as the navitrack, is rather sophisticated. It pinpoints where exactly in the pipe a problem has occurred without digging. This saves your property from unnecessary damages caused by digging in the wrong spot.

Electric eel

Sounds a bit gross, but the electric eel isn’t the slimy creature capable of electrocuting unsuspecting prey. Rather the electric eel is a specialised tool capable of blocking drains with its cutter head. The cutter head is attached to the end of a rotating steel cable. Using electric steel is actually an older method and may not be suitable for all types of drain blockage.

Water jetter

The water jetter is one of the newest pieces of equipment used to unblock drains. It’s a powerful tool that effectively removes dirt, grease, roots and other debris from sewer lines by blasting an extremely powerful water pressure inside them.
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