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Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Relining

trenchless_pipe_repair_headThe world is changing at an incredible rate. The way we do things now is better and faster. That can also be said about plumbing repair. Although traditional pipe repair is slowly being taken over by newer techniques, many people in Sydney are still reluctant about trench-less pipe relining, a repair technique that is deemed to be much more efficient and more affordable for taking care of problems such as blocked drains.

Let’s take a look at why pipe relining is better than traditional pipe repair methods.

Causes minimal damage to properties

No drills, no digging, no mess and very little damage. These are the top benefits of trenchless pipe relining. It prevents damage to about 90 percent of the surrounding areas such as driveways, landscapes and extended living spaces such as sunrooms. It also avoids the risk of hitting other lines such as electrical, gas and water lines.

Easily locate the damaged area

Trenchless pipe relining uses a special type of camera that can pinpoint the location of damaged part. Not only that, it can also determine exactly what caused the damage, allowing plumbers to determine what needs to be done beforehand.

Allows for more efficient plumbing

The epoxy resin and other materials used in pipe relining in Sydney not only effectively takes care of the damage, they also leave behind a more efficient plumbing system with better flow capacity. The new pipe is also longer lasting.

More affordable repair

Because of the simplicity of the method and because there’s very minimal damage involved, pipe relining is considerably more affordable than traditional pipe repair methods. And because pipe relining results in stronger, more durable pipes, it could take a lifetime before the next plumber comes around to fix it.

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