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Plumbing Emergency: why is my water pressure low?

Low water pressure doesn’t sound like a big deal in theory, but feels like a plumbing emergency when it comes up to surprise you during a shower. But what causes low water pressure in the first place?

Plumbing Emergency

Low water pressure in the shower is a logical cause for moral outrage in the morning.

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There’s nothing less inspiring than stepping into the shower after groggily waking up, expecting to be rejuvenated by a steady stream of hot water and being met with a trickle of hopelessness and despair. There’s no place in Sydney for low water pressure, and the sooner you can figure out the root cause for the problem, the easier it will be for you to solve it.

Common causes for low water pressure:

  • Leaks in the pipes: a leak will often start out of sign, and will spread until it starts to affect the water pressure throughout the plumbing system of your home. A plumber will locate where the leak is occurring and seal it to restore pressure. The plumber will often find the reason that the leaking started in the first place and attempt to repair that, too.
  • Problems with the house water valves: Have you just moved into your home?  If the water valves have not been fully turned on (which often happens when the water has been turned off for a period of time), then that may be the cause for a water flow drop occurring within your home. However, if it is found to be a case of the valves simply not being able to open fully in the first place, then you will need to enlist professional help.
  • Dirty aerator screens: If you find that the low water pressure is coming from just one faucet in your home, you should check to the aerator screen in the faucet. If the screen becomes dirty – which may happen due to deposits from hard water – then it can reduce the water flow, leading to a drop in pressure. Consult a plumber to see how you can best clean the screen without damaging it or the faucet.
  • Low pressure from the municipal supply: On the odd occasion, the reason for low water pressure in your home may not even be coming from the house itself. The water you receive from the city may come in at low pressure, in which case you may want to consider having a plumber install a water pressure booster, a pump that works with your water supply to increase the level of pressure.

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Geoff James
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Geoff grew up in Berala near Lidcombe in Sydney and attended Birrong Boys High School where he finished his Year 10 school certificate. Geoff was encouraged by his uncle to consider plumbing as he had done a bit of plumbing work on weekends during his school years. DJ Childs Plumbing in Canterbury offered him a plumbing apprenticeship and he spent most of his time working on plumbing maintenance and new roofs on commercial sites. Geoff on Google+.