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Drainage Repairs: easy pipe repair with no need for digging

Employing the latest technologies in CCTV pipe inspections, high-pressure water jetting and epoxy resins, Blueline pipe relining enables our plumbers to locate any problem with your sewerage, drainage or stormwater system. Effective and versatile, Blueline structurally repairs any pipe between 40 to 1000mm with minimal destruction or disturbance to your property.


What kind of pipe can be relined using Blueline? 

Nuflow’s Blueline technology can be used to reline almost any shape of pipe including vertical, horizontal, square and rectangular pipes, 90 degree bends, P and S traps, junctions and elbows. There’s no need for whole pipes to be relined or for costly excavations to take place, Blueline liners can be installed in sections of damaged pipe and completely restore the structural integrity of your pipe. All makes of pipe can be sealed, including:





Galvanised Steel

Cast iron



High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)


How we reline your pipes using the Blueline process

The Blueline process starts by inspecting and surveying the drains using CCTV pipe cameras. This helps us locate the exact cause and site of the problem. Once we’ve located the site of the problem we use high-pressure water jets to clear the blockages and occasionally a sanny snake or electric eel. Once the blockage is removed the pipe is ready for the liner installation.

The Blueline liner is made of a composite of two part epoxy resin that sets hard with 2-4 hours allowing for fast installation and minimal disturbance. It is inserted into your drain through existing openings, meaning there’s no need for costly excavations or destruction to your property. The liner is positioned using the help of CCTV and inflated, forcing it to fit the exact shape of the existing pipes. This completely reinstates the structural integrity of the pipes, completely covering cracks, voids or pipe corrosion or damage. Once the internal bladder of the liner is removed, usually within a 2-4 hour time frame, the drain is ready for use immediately. 


How will I know if my drain is blocked?

Want to know if your drain is blocked and may need pipe relining?

Here are some key symptoms to look out for: 

Toilet isn’t flushing properly

The toilet fills up and then recedes slowly

Drainage overflowing at outside drain

Bad sewer odours from sinks, toilet or drains

Water fills up and the recedes slowly in either your basin or shower


What causes my drains to become blocked?

Deterioration caused by ageing or corrosion

Foreign objects caught in the sewerage system

Disposal of cooking fats and oils and/or domestic products like plasters

Tree roots that have entered the pipe

Ground movement 


Statutory Drainage Legislation

In NSW local council and state government legislation stipulates that property owners with leaking pipes/drains must approach a licensed plumber to resolve the matter in the interest of public health.

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